Dinner at Max’s Restaurant


So I was invited to a food tasting at Max’s Restaurant in Al Ghurair Centre, I was really excited when I received the invitation cause I’ve been a fan of this restaurant since I was a kid cause me and my family used to dine here a lot especially when there are special occasions, and now here I am, all grown up Β and will be doing a review for them which I didn’t really expect.



for drinks I ordered their Mango Mojito, I’m not a big of mangoes tho, I still ordered this cause they told me that it’s one of their best sellers and also I read good reviews about it. So why not give it a shot, right? πŸ™‚

Price: 16.00 AED




Crispy seafood and beef wonton (stuffed wonton with minced shrimp, ground beef, onions, and garlic) would highly recommend this appetizer cause it’s not just tasty and delicious, it’s also affordable.

Price: 22.00 AED

(Honestly, when I’m on a budget, I order this cause the wontons are big and I can always eat it with rice. worth it 30AED dinner/ lunch!)


DSCF8820All time fave! Β can’t imagine eating at Max’s without ordering their sizzling tofu! can you see that steam?! DELISH!!!

Price 29.00 AEDFullSizeRenderInihaw na Baka (one of their new dish.)

Price: 47.00 AED


Also an addition to one of my favorites! their Boneless BBQ Chicken! 50 AED only inclusive with rice! YES! another affordable yet satisfying dish! (seeing this picture makes me wanna go to Max’s and order this now!)

Price: 49.00 AED

DSCF8836DSCF8849Sauteed Mussels

Price: 46.00 AED

DSCF8841 copyTheir famous, Pancit Luglug! I remember my dad used to order this every time we dine here.

Price: 29.00 AED


DSCF8858.jpgTURON (Banana, Sweet Jack fruit, and caramelized sugar. 19.00 AED) This actually reminds me of a Filipino Mirienda, though I don’t usually eat this with ice cream.

I really love Max’s cause of their simplicity, and I am always satisfied when it comes to their service, I’m happy cause they’re trying different set of dishes, from starters to their mains, so yeah, this will always be my one stop restaurant when it comes to delicious and tasty Filipino food.


Behind Deira Municipality, Al Rigga, Dubai


Open everyday from 9amΒ – 1am


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