Going Italian at Al Fresco

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Hi loves, so I got invited to a food tasting at Al Fresco, an Italian restaurant inside the stunning Crowne Plaza. A little bit of history here did you know that the Crowne Plaza in Shiekh Zayed Road is one of the oldest hotels in Dubai, it was built in the early 90’s and so as Al Fresco. I was amazed when I found out about it cause the restaurant is still in good shape and very well maintained.

Snapseed_17This is how it looks like at the entrance.

IMG_7041Just look how beautiful the interior is.


save-new(Dome type restaurant.)

Snapseed_4Snapseed_6Snapseed_21Wines, wines, wines and lots of wine.


About the food, I tried their 3 meal course called “Giro D’Italia”  again another bit of info, Giro D’Italia is an annual multiple stage bicycle race primarily held in Italy, and as per the staffs of Al Fresco they have that menu for a month now and will be changed after May 2017. They also gave me some dishes found on their original menu so hooray for that!

1.jpgGiro D’Italia Menu


Untitled-1.jpg (High-quality Olive oil and balsamic vinegar)


SnapseedSnapseed_20Bread Platter

Snapseed_15Started off with some bread platter and Burrata Caprese.

Snapseed_18Of course, my brunch won’t be complete without having a cup of cappuccino.

Snapseed_10Snapseed_22                                                    Bruschetta con Gorgonzola e Pere                                                     (this dish is included in the Giro D’Italia Menu.)



Risotto Zafferano e Straccetti Di’ Ossobuco (both included in the Giro D’Italia menu and their main menu.) this is actually one of my favorites super yummy!

Snapseed_5Moscardini in Umido con Polenta ( Baby octopus stew in polenta) (included in the Giro D’Italia Menu.)

Snapseed_12Petto di Pollo Alle Ripieno Castegne e Porcini, con Carote Al Forno e Cavalo Nero (Chicken breast filled with chestnuts and porcini mushrooms served with roasted potatoes and black kale.) (inluded on their main menu.)Snapseed_19Snapseed_8Tagliatelle Fresche con Vongole E Pomodorini (Fresh tagliatelle with clams, Roma tomato and basil.) (Included on their main menu.)


@IamBerryHungry holding the Dessert Platter for me.

Dessert Platter

Snapseed_16Montebianco Alle (Chestnuts Mont Blanc with vanilla sauce.)

Snapseed_23Cioccolato Fondente (70%  dark chocolate pudding and Vanilla ice cream.)

Snapseed_3Panna Cotta semplice con Frutti (Classic Italian Pannacotta and mixed berries.)


All in all, my experience dining in Al Fresco was amazing, now I know why they are an award winning Italian Restaurant. The ambiance of the restaurant was great, super cozy and warm, the staffs are very accommodating too. for me this is a must go to if you really want to eat authentic Italian food.

My personal favorites are their Risotto, their pasta and of course, their Dessert Platter. Definitely, a must have if ever you’ll visit the place.



12noon – 11:00 PM


Located  2nd Floor, inside Crowne Plaza Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre Area, Dubai.


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